Saturday, August 9, 2014

Moscow River Cruise

A river cruise on a Raketa: the North River Terminal -- the Bay of Happiness -- the North River Terminal.

On August 9, 2014. Weather: +28C, sunny.

Approaching the North River Terminal.

The North River Terminal in Moscow.

It appears to be under some heavy repairs...

... or maybe even beyond repair.

On the embankment. 

Ticket for the cruise on a Raketa.

Quay No. 6.

A view across the water.

The ticket, reverse side.

Quay No. 7 - ours. The Raketa is going to dock here soon.

There she is!

She is coming in to dock.

The Raketa 185 is docked, all aboard. By the way, Raketa 185 is one of only 7 Raketas remaining in operation in Russia (apparently) and one of only three in Moscow. It is 40+ years old, definitely. Still going strong.

Some other river cruise ship.

She is leaving before we do.

My Okeah chronograph -- Ocean on the River so to speak.

The Ocean on the river.

 Passenger deck... the stern seats are better though... anyway that's where everybody congregates.

We are leaving too.

The Oruzhny.

She left before us... but nothing can outrun a Raketa.

Friendly fish on the loo door.

The Maxim Gorky.



Yachts galore.

Not gonna get us.

In the Bay of Happiness.

Leaving the Bay of Happiness on way back.

Rainbow in our wake.

The Ocean again.

The Volgo-Don 144 trudging in the opposite direction.

Overtaking the Kronstadt.

This is where the cam battery ran out.

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